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the decline of objectivity and its ugly consequences

October 31, 2012

some people blame it on confucius,
but that’s not really fair;
they’ll even say that’s why asians
can’t accept adoption, having emphasized
the importance of blood lines
though i thought his point was
you should love and respect
your country and culture
as much as your family.

obviously that ain’t gonna happen,

but “i’ll do anything for my family”
as the default justification
for almost any behavior
out of current media sources
(cf. ‘breaking bad’ or ‘sons of anarchy’)
suggests a terrifying trend towards
moral bankruptcy.

the term ‘moral bankruptcy’
has been so co-opted
by fundamentalist fanatics
as to knee-jerk evoke images of
abortions and homosexuals
when these are some of the few things
actually helping avert
selfishly induced overly
exploited global catastrophe.

the more general point is that
jesus, buddha, etc.
started a 2000 year old trend
that placed right and wrong
‘in other people’s shoes’
and that has provided
amazing cultural success
but that now may be over.

fortunately blind dogmatic faith
appears to be on the decline,
but that may have been all
keeping the average semi-monkey human
on track with the virtues of
selflessness and the greater good.

these predictions are premature
in that since the beginning
they propounded ‘the end is nigh’
but without
perspectives that surpass
our immediate relatives
there will be little to hold
our vast global network together.

(for instance, stop saying
‘we won’t negotiate with terrorists’
until you understand
what a terrorist you look like.)