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December 2, 2010

a logical affinity for generality and scientific openness to unfalsified evidence compel me to accord religious inclinations due respect, but having never seen angels nor spoken with any god, it is challenging not to dismiss traditional mythologies as pandering to cultural egotism and overenthusiastic hopefulness.

extensive experience among advocates of fanatic superstitions has already braced me for the intimations of pity and presumptions of preordained condemnation which such a confession can elicit.

however, this proclivity for condemnation and its associated predilection for war belies avowed principles of love and unity and further undermines my capacity to acknowledge any validity in said creeds.

one could ask: given that my avowed logic of openness is more consistent with their supposed religion of love than their religion is with my logic, why am I trying harder to accept their religion than they are my logic? shouldn’t I be the one damning them for being so closed-minded, while they work harder on loving us heathens?

so rationally i recognize that i should try to respect religions, but emotionally I find that I consider them insane delusions.

and that’s why i can’t allow myself to indulge my emotions in the same way most religious fanatics do.

addendum: the 3 fantasies christianity promises:
forgiveness, unconditional love, eternal life