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heroes can’t have it too easy

August 15, 2010

i know many of my confessions haven’t said it clearly
but i’ve often suspected that i must have been fortunate
to have been too unlucky to take advantage of my privileges.

you’ve surely seen what tyrants do with their power
and have heard how absolute power corrupts,
not to mention how idiotic most superstars are.

and not only would i have to admit that
i also would probably have taken advantage of
any available naive nubile virgin,

but i also still want to advocate
that you can be your own hero
without riches and sluts.



August 15, 2010

In the fourth and fifth lectures of “The Varieties of Religious Experience”,
William James gives a respectful treatment to the “happy consciousness”
while noting that it only deals with the problem of evil in the world
by refusing to acknowledge it.

Those to whom this state comes naturally
should consider themselves lucky,
but for those familiar with suffering and misery,
casting self-deception as a solution is simply insufficient.

James also noted how ‘liberalism’ and ‘science’
seemed to represent a switch from the ‘morbidness’
of earlier religious interpretation.
Some 100 years later,
one could hardly deny that this positivism
has increased to the point of being almost mandatory.
It should be fair to say that social norms today
show little tolerance for expressions of discontent.
Advertising and psychology have cast unhappiness
as signs of stupidity and sickness.

It is all too common to hear oblivious tots
comment that ‘happiness is the most important thing in life’,
and one would surely be hard pressed to dare
suggest anything more insightful or original.
I’ve tried to suggest “learning” is more important,
but would I own up to the suggestion of mutual exclusivity?

In any case, with my own characteristic negativity,
I must admit to being completely terrified by this rampant optimism.
I fear a blithely superficial, selfishly unmindful future
with shoddy construction and absurdly overdone posturing:
Exactly the kind of world advertisers want us to live in.

I do fear this optimism will spell the death of mankind!

michael jackson, fairy tales, and sluts

August 9, 2010

catching the end of the michael jackson’s death concert video
just in the middle of “billy jean” caused me to reflect again
on the irrefutable catchiness of the song.

it could just be the irresistible rhythm
or celebrity’s undeniable victimization
by unfounded accusations, especially in light
of michael’s ambiguous sexuality,
or more generally,
the disenfranchised man’s desire
to escape from unwanted progeny,

but i suddenly saw another perspective:
that of michael’s own inner unloved child!
“the child is not my son”;
(just as all the fairy tales have evil step-parents!)
perhaps this stereotype is all too over-played:
how could these child stars not have recognized
some sense of appreciation from the father to which
they brought so much wealth?

but the rumor is still there,
of his brutal, evil parents;
and the interpretation plays upon it well:
doesn’t the song raise the issue
of so many unwanted children.

and didn’t michael’s life reek
of the perverse slutty frigidity
of absent daddy issues?

and won’t the unwanted child fantasize
about siring his own unwanted children?